Which version of AllTracker should be downloaded and installed on whose device?

Web and App Versions

The AllTracker service is available in two main versions: monitoring can be done through the website or through the native "Control Center" application for Android or iOS.
Web version: Monitoring through the website

In this classic version, AllTracker is installed only on the target device, and all monitoring is done through the website. This is the original version of the application and it is still available for download. In this case, you need to install one of the versions on the target device: AllTracker Family, AllTracker Business, or AllTracker Anti-Theft. No installation is required on the device used for control.
Detailed description on how to start using the web version of the application can be found here: How do I start with the classic version of AllTracker?
Using the web version compared to the app version has its pros and cons:
You only need to install only one app on one device
You can monitor from any device (phone, laptop, etc.) with any web browser installed
The extensive features included in the app make it susceptible to triggering warnings from various antivirus programs
You cannot receive notifications for specific events on the device used for monitoring
App version: Monitoring through the mobile app

In this version of AllTracker, it is divided into several modules that can be installed on the target device. Each module is a separate application responsible for specific groups of functions. To monitor the device, you need to install the "Control Center" application on the device from which monitoring will be conducted. This application will communicate with each module on the target device and provide corresponding functions depending on the installed module. Currently, there are two modules available for monitoring: "Video Surveillance" and "Communication Monitoring".
Using the app version compared to the web version has its advantages and disadvantages:
You can install only the modules with the features you need
The app on the target device is not overloaded with functionality, making it less suspicious to antivirus programs
You can receive notifications about various events happening on the target device, such as screen unlock photos or triggered alarms
There are no limitations on the number of target devices
For full functionality, you will need to install multiple apps on the target device
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